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Supporting Healthy Family Relationships

Parent-child relationships are the foundation for each child's cognitive development, including creativity and abstract thinking skills. The nature and quality of the parent-child bond also supports a child's social and emotional development, including important abilities such as behavioral and emotional regulation, empathy, personal initiative, assertiveness, and social problem solving.

Families are often challenged by the stresses inherent in the birth of a child or they may struggle with the challenges that arise during specific stages of their child's development. Offering the following services, we assist families in developing and maintaining supportive, warm, nurturing emotional interactions with their infants and young children.

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Postpartum Support

Postpartum Support

The initial transition to parenthood can be difficult given the physical, emotional and social changes that come with having a baby. These issues may even be more pronounced for the experienced mother who is having an additional child.


​If you are…


  • feeling excessively worried

  • having difficulty sleeping

  • feeling fearful

  • experiencing outbursts of crying

  • making mountains out of molehills

  • often confused

  • feeling a lack of motivation

  • feeling a lack of interest in caring for yourself

  • angry toward your husband and sometimes your baby


... you may also be experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety.

At Thrive Under Five, we offer both individual and group support for mothers who face post-partum challenges. The New Moms Group offers new mothers the opportunity to bond with others who are experiencing similar emotions or having similar reactions to parenthood.  Individual therapy offers mothers experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety a safe and supportive place to discuss their feelings and concerns.


Join us at our New Moms Group every Tuesday from 10-11am.  We understand the challenges that new mothers face and are here to support you through this transition. 

Under-Five Services

Under-Five Services

Parent-child Therapy

Warm, positive connections between parents and their children are the foundation for each child's healthy development over the course of their life. By working with parents and their children, we help families address a broad range of common developmental challenges such as potty training, temper tantrums, biting and hitting, friendships, separation anxiety, and issues associated with divorce.

We will work together to diminish these struggles and assist you in learning and implementing effective parenting skills to create a positive and nurturing home environment so everyone can thrive.


School Observation

When children make the transition from home to school, behavioral, emotional and developmental difficulties can arise and cause concern to both parents and teachers. At Thrive Under 5, we offer observation of individual children in the classroom setting as well as observation, consultation and professional development training for teachers and other school staff.

Observation of children in a natural setting by a trained observer provides important information to parents and teachers. Information from child observations assists schools and families in helping children thrive in a school environment.

Parenting & Family Life Consult
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Parenting & Family Life Consultation

Families are often challenged by the stresses inherent in the birth of a child or those challenges that arise during specific stages of a child's development. Do you feel:


  • overwhelmed by your toddler’s tantrums?

  • exasperated by your bedtime struggles?

  • frustrated at mealtime?

  • at a loss with what to do about biting, hitting, “potty talk”?

Would you like your family to really thrive with less bickering and fuss?

At Thrive Under 5, we are committed to helping families build strong parent-child relationships. Whether in-office or virtually, group or individually, we provide consultation to help your family thrive.

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